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Monday, February 2, 2015

Prayer, hard work: key to topping board exams

By Gideon C. Corgue

PAGADIAN CITY – It was all an answered prayer. This was a curt reply Christian Corpuz, 20, gave this writer when asked about his secret of topping the November 26, 2014 Criminologist Licensure Examinations given by the Professional Regulation Commission.
Garnering a rating of 90.15%, Corpuz, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Criminology at the Pagadian Capitol College, Inc. (formerly Pagadian College of Criminology) landed first place and bested others who took the said examination nationwide.
Prayer power

"Gibati ko ug dakong kakulba pagkuha sa maong pasulit tungod kay medyo lisod kini apan akong gi-ampo sa Ginoo nga mo-excel sa exam (I felt very nervous in taking the exam because it’s quite hard but I prayed to God to help me excel in the exam),” Corpuz narrated.

When the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) and Board of Criminology announced the results, his friend called and informed him that he passed and topped the exam. At first, he was incredulous until he received a phone call from the school president, Tagumpay Santiago, informing him that he was no. 1 in the board exam.

“Dako kaayo ang akong kalipay tungod kay wala lang ko mipasar kung dili numero uno pa gyud sa board exam? Ingon sa dili ko katuo sa migula nga resulta apan sa hilom akong nahunahunaan nga mibunga diay ang akong pagsakrapisyo ug pagpangandam nga gihimo sa maong board exam. Ang akong imposible nga damgo nahimo nga posible,” he said.

(I am very much happy because I didn’t only pass the test but I also emerged as no. 1. At first, I could hardly believe the result but then I realized that my sacrifices and preparations had paid off. The impossible dream was possible after all.)

“I became a topnotcher because I once dreamed to be one. I believed that I would pass the board exam because I once dreamed of becoming a criminologist,” Corpuz said in Cebuano. 

Corpuz was one of the 12,245 passers out of 28,187 who took the licensure examination for criminologists given on Oct. 19-21, 2014 in Manila and regional centers nationwide.

Shares success with late mom, grandma

Christian’s father, Bartolome, a retired military man, recalled that his son was not on top of his class but his topping the board exam made everybody in the family happy.

For Christian, he was pretty sure that his departed loved ones especially his mother and grandmother were also happy that he topped the board exam.

His mother, Severiana, died when he was 5 years old in a robbery incident. He lived with his grandmother, Silvestra, but the latter died when he was still a second year high school student.

Hard work, sacrifices

Christian recalled that when he was in college, he took his studies very seriously. He kept reading books in the library and, at home, he reviewed his lessons.

When he took his review, he saw to it that he prepared himself holistically by managing his time well. “It was not all studies, I had still time to relax and go out with family and friends,” he shared.

“Panahon sa exam, wala nako mabati ang stress or pressure tungod kay sa first year pa lang ko, ako nang gihatagan ug daghan nga mga oras  pagbasa ug mga libro ug pagtuon sa akong mga leksyon ug wala pud ko nag-apil-apil sa barkada. Kung naa koy bakante nga oras magdula ko ug chess,” Corpuz disclosed.

(During examinations, I did not experience stress or pressure because I used to spend more time in reading books and studying my lessons since I was a first year student. Besides, I did not join groups. If I have vacant time, I will also play chess.)

“In the course of my preparation, I did a lot of things and went through a lot of struggles, sacrifices, and challenges.”

Role model

A certain Jayson Laroche, who placed 6th in the 2010 Criminologist Licensure Examinations and who was a graduate of PCCI, served as his role model. Laroche also dreamed of becoming one of the topnotchers.

“Akong gidamgo na mapareha ni Laroche nga topnotcher pero para sa akoa imposible nga mahimo nako tungod kay wala ko kabalo kung unsa ang kapalaran sa akong pagkuha sa exam,” he recounted.

(I dreamed of becoming a topnotcher like Laroche but I doubt I would make it because I had to take the exam yet.)

But it became a dream-come-true for him because in the list released by the PRC on Nov. 26, 2014, he topped the board exam.

He also recalled that during his review, he was always sitting at the back because the front row chairs were occupied by bright students. “When my fellow reviewees could not give the right answer, I only acted as their backup.”

Take a teaching job

When asked if he would join the police service, Corpuz said no.  “I will teach first in my alma mater for couple of years because I want to impart my fresh knowledge to criminology students and help produce a number of board passers. Perhaps, I will join the police service when my physique is fully developed.”

Corpuz said he wants to work in his Alma mater to help his younger sister, a 3rd year college student and a stepbrother, an elementary pupil. He wants them to finish college, too.

“We were all shocked upon learning the board exam result,” said Jomeil Abilla, the school registrar, as almost all schools across the country are aiming to top in the exam.

Brings pride and honor

“Indeed, Corpuz brought pride, honor, and served as inspiration especially to the youth sector and the students of the college. We are very proud that PCCI has produced top one in the 2014 Criminology Board Exam,” Abilla beamed with pride.

Abilla said Corpuz helped boost the morale of criminology students.  “Christian is an inspiration and role model to our students.”

In recognition of Corpuz’s feat, PCCI President Tagumpay Santiago and the faculty tendered a thanksgiving celebration last Dec. 8 at the college gymnasium with Regional Director Juanito Demetrio of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-9 and city officials gracing the occasion.

During this event the school management also reimbursed Corpuz’s tuition fee and offered him a teaching position.

Abilla said the school administration understands the hardships and efforts exerted by Corpuz, thus, to reimburse his tuition fee is just proper and reasonable.

For his part, Corpuz extends his profound thanks to the school for sending him to Cagayan de Oro College for the review. “ I am very lucky for the opportunity that the school has given me because of the 60 graduating students, I was the only one given the chance to avail of a free review including board and lodging,” said the topnotcher.