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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Determination is key to a world-class AFP, says Gen. Dela Cruz
By Felipo David G. Malcampo

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Jan. 25 (PIA) – During his New Year’s call with the officers and visitors of the Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom) last Wednesday, newly-installed commander Lt. Gen. Mayoralgo Dela Cruz said that they key to having a world-class armed forces is every soldiers’ steel determination in doing everything to protect the interest of the Filipinos.

“Sa amin, di masusukat ang pagiging world-class sa gamit lamang (being world-class cannot be sole measured by equipment alone),” Gen. Dela Cruz told his men adding “dapat buo ang loob natin (we have to have strong will).”

The Wesmincom commander cited the national government for the procurement of new equipment such as jets, choppers, boats and weapons, but also emphasized that if being world-class is not measured alone by said modern equipment.

“We cannot say that we are as modern as other countries, but we compensate (it) with our determination (to serve and protect),” he stressed.

Gen. Dela Cruz said that while many other nations have more modern equipment, there are instances when these equipment eventually fall into the enemies’ hands. “There are instances when, given these new equipment, you do not even know how to use them. Worst, the enemy gets hold of the equipment, and it may seem that you modernize the enemy.”

He also stressed that “whatever happens, we will not let the enemy get hold of our equipment, if possible, we should be the ones to take away their equipment.”

He put out a word to soldiers who have been through years of schooling. “All of us have gone to schooling at some point, while the enemy is just learning at the sidelines,” he said, adding that this should be enough motivation for the soldiers to succeed in their operations.

“Mas matindi ang motivation natin kaysa sa kanila (we have stronger motivation than the enemy),” he said. “Millions of people depend on us, while the enemy’s motivation is only his own personal interest. This is what should drive us.”