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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nationwide census of population set in August

By Jocelyn P. Alvarez

ZAMBOANGA CITY - The 14th census of population  to be undertaken in the country since the first census in 1903 is set in August this year and the listing and enumeration will be done for 25 working days.

The 2015 Census of Population is a complete enumeration of households in the country. It also collects information on some characteristics of the population such as age, sex, marital status and highest grade completed. This year’s POPCEN is the third population census to be conducted in between two decennial censuses. Mid-decade censuses were carried out in 1995 and 2007.

POPCEN is necessary, as data derived from this census will provide government executives, policy and decision makers and planners with population data, especially updated population counts of all barangays in the country, on which to base their social and economic plans, policies and programs.

Respondents to this census include head of household or his/her spouse, or any responsible member of the household who can provide accurate answers to the questions; the manager, administrator or individual members of the institution; and the Punong Barangay or any incumbent barangay official.

There are three types of questionnaire to be used in this census: the Household Questionnaire, the Institutional Population Questionnaire, and the Barangay Schedule.

Would be respondents to the census are obliged to provide truthful and complete answers. This is per Section 27 of Republic Act 10625, which stipulates that “respondents of primary data collection activities such as censuses  and sample surveys are obliged to give truthful and complete answers to statistical inquires.”  Any respondent who refuses or fail to give truthful and complete answers shall be meted out a penalty of one year imprisonment and a fine of P100 thousand.

The Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) will hire enumerators (ENs) and team supervisors (TSs)for the census. The EN will be tasked to conduct the house-to-house interview. Each TS will supervise a group of ENs while regular personnel of PSA shall serve as Census Area Supervisors (CAS).  Additional CAS shall be hired to augment the number of PSA’s regular personnel who will act as CAS. The CAS will supervise a group of TSs and ENs.